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Through our three areas of ministry—Street Outreach, the Anchor Community Center, and Ongoing Care—Anchor of Hope aims to be the hands and feet of Christ by actively loving the youth living on the streets of Santa Cruz, Bolivia, as they are and where they are at.

Methodology: We believe that every life has purpose and value. We are therefore committed to developing a deep-rooted relationship with each youth where we consistently show them unconditional love and encourage them to a flourishing future. We believe the choice and ability to leave the streets and pursue a flourishing future is theirs, so our focus is to patiently and consistently encourage them to choose a better tomorrow.

AOH's Flourish Program

Siembra/Sow (Connection): We meet, socialize, and build relationships with known and new youth living on the streets.


Rais/Root (Self-Discovery): The youth is open to visiting the Anchor Community Center and attending AOH events and programs.

Lluvia/Rain (Engagement): The youth is engaging with AOH events and Community Center programs regularly.

Girasol/Sunflower (Transition): The team seeks commitment from the youth. They develop a plan with the individual to leave the streets and either return to their family, enter an institution, or seek independence (16 years or older).

Florecer/Flourish (Follow-up): The youth is off the street and our team provides structured, committed, and consistent follow up care.

Street Ministry
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