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Community Center

The Ancla Community Center is a bridge to what comes next as these youth take steps to leave the streets and re-enter into society. We focus on offering educational and social activities while providing an atmosphere free from drugs and exterior pressures to allow the youth to soberly think and dream about their future. Our goal is to create a loving, family environment where youth can heal, laugh, learn, and just be kids. We hope to provide belonging and value grounded in the identity and purpose Christ gives to each individual.


Currently, we run holistic educational programs throughout the week including life skills, a mom and baby program, and a bible study. Headed by our Social Worker, we work with each youth to obtain proper documentation, so that they can be recognized and operate freely within society. The center also comes alongside families in order to strengthen, restore and support them when possible.


Our team dedicated to providing our Community Center programs includes our staff and our local volunteers. Through our Volunteer Program at the Ancla Community Center we are expanding each youth's social connections outside of the streets while also seeking to transform society's view of the youth one volunteer at a time.

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