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Meet the Team


Co-Founder & Ministry Director

It was in 2015, while visiting Santa Cruz for the first time, when Lily first went out on the streets of Bolivia


Co-Founder & Stateside Admin.

The ministry opportunity first made a big impression on Jessa when she visited a church in Santa Cruz 


Co-Founder & Educational Director

The journey of Anchor of Hope was nothing shy of incredible for Anelise. It all started in Bolivia when some 


Co-Founder & Center Director

For Ellie, it was a lot of the little moments of saying “yes” to God that brought her to serving full-time in


Social Worker

One day, while riding on the bus, Romina heard a still, small voice saying to her, "I will resurrect the 

Board of Directors

Crissy Krukowski – President
Naomi Terlouw – Vice-President
Mike Cicchese – Treasurer
Jessa Dieter – Secretary
Karen Buitrago
Lily Fluharty
Ellie Veldhuizen

Anelise Schrammen

Anchor 1
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