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Romina Mendez

Social Worker

One day, while riding on the bus, Romina heard a still, small voice saying to her, “I will resurrect the dreams that you had buried. I want you to serve me.” A few days later, God placed Anchor of Hope on her heart. Romina knew about the kids living on the streets, and she firmly believed that God had a plan for each one of them. Romina soon found herself volunteering with AOH and realizing that when God calls you to do something, He not only backs you up, but completely leads the way. Romina is from Pando, Bolivia. She has a Bachelor’s degree in Theology and is working on obtaining her degree in Social Work in 2022. She is currently providing Social Work services for the youth, helping them to meet their basic physical,
emotional, and spiritual needs as well as connecting them to necessary resources. She is also leading the Volunteer Program at the Anchor Community Center in Santa Cruz.

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