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Co-Founder & Ministry Director

It was in 2015, while visiting Santa Cruz for the first time, when Lily first went out on the streets of Bolivia to hand out food to some of the youth who were calling the streets their home. That night, Lily felt a fire in her heart and knew God was calling her to love these kids. She had no idea what that would look like, but Lily knew God would lead her. After much prayer and lots of dreaming, Lily co-founded Anchor of Hope. Since then, she has only seen God grow the fire that she initially felt that first night on the streets. Lily has over four years of onsite work experience as a caregiver (“House Mom”) in Bolivia with Casa de Esperanza. She co-founded and is currently leading the onsite Street Ministry program and follow-up care in Santa Cruz. Lily also serves as overall Ministry Director for Anchor of Hope.

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