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What do I want people to know?

What do I want people to know??

Our little brother smiles with a twinkle in his eye when he greets us and says “Hermanita.”

Kids don’t look their age anymore.

That the 19-year old who is just learning to read is really smart and a dedicated learner.

These kids treat us with respect because we respect them.

It matters when you tell a kid you see them.

On crummy days I think of a 17-year old who used to have a sheep that could open doors to make me smile again.

Everyone has a nickname.

I know a lot of kids named David as well as Daniel (which makes me thankful for the nicknames).

There is a man who lives on the street and drinks a lot that loves and prays to Jesus with the most genuine, childlike faith.

I love these kids.

I don’t know the last time someone cleaned that motel floor before we did.

I miss my family.

There is a line between justice and cruelty.

It hurts to love this way.

His grace is sufficient.

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