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One Year

"I want to go to El Camino!" He would yell as he sat by the side of the road.

Every time I would see him he would say the same thing.

"Heramana, I want to leave the streets. I want to change."

But he had to wait several weeks to go into El Camino, an amazing home for boys who have lived on the streets.

So this sweet 16 year old waited.

He dreamed and he told us how he would change and dreamed about going back to school and being away from the streets.

Then came the day. He walked away from the streets and the drugs.

He went into El Camino.

And we watched him grow! He learned and he struggled and he persevered.

Many of his friends entered the home and left. But this young man stayed.

We watched him play soccer, and learn to play guitar.

He showed us his homework and everything he is learning.

We watched him eat plate after plate of food during lunch.

We watched him grow in his walk with the Lord.

And today is one year since he left the streets.

One year since he went into this amazing home.

One year of learning and growing and safety.

I can't begin to tell you how proud I am of this young man.

It's a beautiful thing to watch the Lord work in His life.

To see him smile.

To watch him play the guitar and sing worship songs.

For him to be a kid again.

In the midst of kids entering center and going back to the streets

It is so beautiful to see one of our boys STAY.

And to see that God is transforming heart and lives.

One year.

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