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Full hearts and Dusty Shoes

Guest post from Bob and Kristin Blank:

Today we are returning to the U.S. after the best trip of our lives. We have no souvenirs nor amazing photos of beautiful sightseeing spots. Instead, we have hearts and heads full of memories (along with some very dusty tennis shoes!) because Lily and Ellie graciously gave us the opportunity to walk the streets of Bolivia with them for the past week.

The street corners, canals and bridges of Santa Cruz are full of kids with hurting hearts. Lily and Ellie seek them out on a daily basis and gently but boldly share the love of Jesus with them—in action and in words. In the weeks ahead we hope to share some snapshots of their kids so you can “see” some of the things we experienced first-hand in Bolivia.

Please continue to support Ancla de Esperanza with your prayers and financial gifts. We testify that they are making a difference in the lives of street kids in Santa Cruz.

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